My name is Olek, I'm a unity programmer based in GdaƄsk. I graduated in geography in 2012, but my true passion turned out to be computer science, which I then graduated in 2015. Beside making games, I enjoy any code writing. The more code I write, the more joy I get from work.

I've been a .NET developer since 2014, when Windows Phone was alive on the mobile market. I started as ASP/ASP.NET developer, but most of my work is focused around games development in Unity with an episode in Unreal Engine. I also try to keep my web development skills up-to-date with this website made in Python and Django.

On a personal note I'm a stay-at-home dog person who values privacy and freedom. I'm a solitary person lucky enough to never be lonely. When I'm not coding, I enjoy playing board and card games, shooting barebow, listening to 90's music and watching crime series. Thanks for visiting!